Audio Notes – record your voice comments for contractors, or building inspector

Brush Notes – paint your comments on the walls or in the space to give directions

Picture Shots – make screenshots of the issues and share it with others

Report Toolkit – list your comments and notes in external generated PDF or shared it online

Protect your investment with digital and picture documentation. With STAGES it is extremely easy to compare a current status scan with a previous one. Using this kind of documentation, there is no place for doubts or questions.

The STAGES tool will allow you to align and compare separate 3D models of your property, add information, and more! If you want to monitor your investment, the construction process, and any potential changes at various stages of your project, this is a service dedicated for you.

Years from now you will be able to see where important installation is placed inside the wall. Just move the time slider in STAGES and you will be able to see the 2D information and 3D geometry of your property from first scan to last

All aspects of the property are clearly visible allowing verification of material usage, progress, and actual field conditions at a given moment in time. Complete captures by a 360 camera provides full information at any frequency.

QC/QA Reports

Help your building inspectors! Save traveling time and inspect the construction site from your home office or mobile device. Share your notes and instruction with contractors and other stakeholders using modern software with an online reporting system.